Accident Insurance

Insurance Proposal for amateur sports

Important notices – Please read the information before completing the form

Please answer all questions accurately with as much information as You can. Once completed please return to Your Insurance Broker whose details can be found on the last page of this form. Sportscover has been trading in Europe since 1999 and has developed into a world renowned specialist that boasts more than a million clients spanning a diverse range of sporting activities.

Your duty of Disclosure
Please remember that it is a condition of your insurance policy to advise your insurers of all material facts. Failure to do so may result in claims not being paid or cover being declared inoperative. In addition, where specific information is requested, it is important to inform your insurers as fully and completely as possible in response to the questions asked. If you have any doubts or concerns please contact your broker. In any event, it is your responsibility to ensure that your broker provides all information to the insurers so that they may consider the proposed risk with the benefit of the fullest possible relevant information.

Utmost good faith
This insurance is a contract based on the utmost good faith requiring Underwriters and proposer/insured(s) to act towards each other with the utmost good faith in respect of any matter relating to this insurance.

Material fact
A material fact is ‘any fact that an insurer would take into account in deciding whether to take the risk, or at what premium, or on what conditions’ Further it is a material fact to disclose to the insurer if you work with children or vulnerable adults. Should this not be disclosed cover for abuse will become inoperative.

Data protection – Information Uses
For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Data Controller in relation to any personal data you supply is Active Underwriting Europe Limited.

Insurance Administrator
Information you supply may be used for the purposes of insurance administration by the insurer, its associated companies and agents, by reinsurers and your intermediary. It may also be disclosed to regulatory bodies for the purposes of monitoring and/or enforcing the insurer’s compliance with any regulatory rules/codes. Your information may also be used for offering renewal, research and statistical purposes and crime prevention. It may be transferred to any country, including countries outside the European Economic Area for any of these purposes and for systems administration. Information may also be shared with other insurers either directly or via those acting for the insurer (such as loss adjustors or investigators).

In the case of personal data, with limited exceptions, and on payment of the appropriate fee, you have the right to access and if necessary rectify information held about you.

Sensitive data
In order to assess the terms of the insurance contract or administer claims which arise, the insurer may need to collect data which the Data Protection Act defines as sensitive (such as medical history or criminal convictions). By proceeding with this application you will signify your consent to such information being processed by the insurer or its agents.